A Few Ways To Protect The Wood Furniture In Your Vacation Home

When it comes time to close up your vacation home for the season, you can get quite busy packing your belongings, cleaning, turning off the water, and adjusting the thermostat. However, if you want to keep the wood furniture in good condition, there are certain things you should or should not do before locking the doors and heading home. Here are just a few, simple things to ensure your furniture will look good when you go back next season.

Clean and Polish

The first thing you want to do is dust everything. Use a slightly damp cloth and wipe all the parts down. Do not use a feather duster as this will only push the dust into the air where it will land back on the furniture later. Dust particles can be sharp and put tiny scratches in the wood, leaving areas for mold or bacteria to grow and further damage it. If you notice anything sticking to the wood, carefully rub at it until it is removed. You can use a wood cleaning product if it does not come off easily. Once the piece is dry, use a soft cloth and a wood polish; this will repel some dust and moisture so it cannot cause any damage.

Don't Cover It

While it might be easier to get a roll of plastic to cover your wood furniture, don't do it. Plastic can keep any moisture from evaporating off the wood in a humid environment. In fact, the moisture may collect on the underside of the plastic, coming from the floor up, and then drip onto the furniture. In addition, if the temperature gets too warm in the house, you could end up with the plastic melting just enough to stick to the wood.

Climate Control

If at all possible, set the thermostat in the house to keep the building at an even temperature. This does not have to be very high, but enough to avoid any sudden changes. Rapid temperature changes are more detrimental to wood than slow, gradual changes. It would be a good idea to have things programmed to warm up slowly before you get there if you plan on spending any of the cold season in the house. If the vacation house is in a humid climate, consider having a dehumidifier installed to protect the wood from warping or bloating with moisture.

You should be able to enjoy your vacation home without having the furniture looking bad or falling apart. Take a bit of time to ensure your wooden furniture is protected while you are not there. Contact a company like Oak Unlimited Furniture (1995) Inc for more information.