Say Goodbye to Bubble Wrap Fun

In an announcement that shocked many, the makers of the original bubble wrap have announced that they are producing a new, nonpoppable version. The new product is definitely better for manufacturers and online businesses, but for the millions of people who love to pop their packing materials, the announcement is a bit of a blow. However, if you personally use packing materials in your business, you should investigate the new stuff even if your heart is breaking a little.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap has been around since 1957, and its popularity as an affordable packing material has remained strong ever since. Its air bubbles offer excellent protection for the most delicate of items during the sometimes bumpy shipping process. Bubble wrap's popularity has extended beyond its value as packing, inspiring such things as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and research on its value as a stress reducer. In fact, research has found that popping bubble wrap for a minute will cause travelers to be 7% less stressed about missing an airplane flight, 4% less stressed about incorrect lodging reservations, and 6% less stressed about health problems. Also, popping the bubbles is just pure fun. Adults and kids alike enjoy popping the packing material after their merchandise arrives on the doorstep. 


The new type of bubble wrap is sent to the manufacturer in a flat roll that takes up one-fiftieth the space that the original wrap did, making it much less costly to ship. The purchaser then buys a special pump used to inflate the wrap at their business site. This process eliminates most of the drawbacks of traditional bubble wrap, but since the new bubbles are interconnected, they will not pop. This development does not adversely affect its shipping value but does lessen its fun factor. Other manufacturers of air bubble packaging will undoubtedly convert to this system if it proves profitable. In other words, if you treasure those poppable moments, you may want to begin stockpiling your bubble wrap now.

Families popping bubble wrap together during the holidays when they receive packages is a treasured tradition. The act is addictive, and research has found that it is a true stress reliever. When it was first produced, the name was trademarked, but bubble wrap is now used to describe all generic packaging of this type. The new wrapping promises to be an efficient, low-cost way to protect items during shipping, but it also promises to be less fun. As a business person, you should appreciate the new product. As a bubble wrap fan, you may be a little sad. 

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