Unsure Of What Type Dining Room Furniture To Purchase? Try Adding A Little Color!

If you're shopping for dining room furniture for the first time, you might think that traditional wood furniture with the padded seat is the way to go. However, these days more colors are being added to dining rooms to create a better experience for the eyes. If you take the time to find what you're looking for, you can create the dining room of your dreams and show off your inner-designer skills as well. Here, you'll learn some ideas to put certain colors together, as well as combining various furniture types.

Mix Blues and Greens

If you have a traditional wooden dining room table, adorn it with a white or yellow floral centerpiece with plenty of greenery. Place two candelabras, one on each side of the centerpiece, on the table and insert cream-colored taper candles inside of them. For the chairs, use slate blue leather or cloth covers, or find the same color chairs with wooden legs.

Incorporate light green paint onto the walls. Pull the look together with white baseboards, crown molding and trim. Additionally, consider a crystal chandelier over the center of the table.

Bring in the Lighter Hues

If you have light walls, such as cream, light yellow or light tan, but the room still seems dark with little sunlight, purchase a round wood dining room table and white chairs. Alternatively, purchase white chair covers that cover the back and seat of the chairs, but not the legs. Decorate the table with colorful accents, such as a fruit bowl, a silver tray and a silver chandelier above, or choose other decorative items in colors such as yellow or red.

Go for Ultra-Modern

Modern styles for dining rooms typically include black-and-white floor or black doors, but that doesn't mean you can't make things pop with a splash of color. In a modern dining room, consider a round glass table and incorporate yellow chairs with white cushions. Choose a bright blue curtain along with a centerpiece of the same color to bring the look together.

As you can see, you don't have to be traditional at all in your choice of dining room furniture and decor. Additionally, you can opt to combine ultra-traditional with ultramodern to create your own look that could end up becoming a classic in years to come. Ask your dining room furniture expert for more ideas on combining color, style, and traditions to turn your dining room into a masterpiece.