Can't Choose Between Two Oriental Rugs? Lay One And Display One

Oriental rugs possess some of the most beautiful designs and craftsmanship. If you're in the market for an oriental rug, then you've probably come across a problem: there are so many extraordinary rugs that you don't know which one to choose. Mounting oriental rugs is a great way to show off more than one oriental rug in a space.

How to Hang Your Rug

When it comes to hanging oriental rugs, there are basically two types of appropriate mounting options: frames and tracks. With frames, the rugs are hung just like a painting would be. You would simply be substituting a rug for a canvas.

Tracks are strips of wood (attached to the wall) that have tacks, upholstery nails, Velcro or some other means by which you can attach your rug. Regardless of what you use to adhere your rug to the track, you need to make sure that it covers the track evenly and completely to give the rug full support. When using tracks, the entire rug is exposed; even the edges. You can use one, two or four tracks to hang your rug.

If you choose one track, your rug will be attached to the track at the top. The bottom of your rug will hang free, and there will be a visible gap between the wall and the rug. You can secure the bottom of the rug using another track, for a two-track mount, which will cause your rug to have a slightly bowed look. Four tracks will mount the rug securely on all sides, leaving no visible gap between the wall and rug. The rug will hang like a painted canvas without a frame. In case you were wondering, circular rugs can be hung using frames or tracks as well.

Which Hanging Method is Best?

The way you decide to hang your rug is largely a matter of personal taste. However, if you have an extremely heavy rug, then one- track mounting may not be possible because of the lack of support. And if you are hanging an antique rug, you may want to avoid mounting methods that will require you to puncture the actual rug.

Tip: Be careful where you hang your oriental rug. If it is hung in direct sunlight, it can become damaged by the UV rays. UV ray damage will be much more rapid and more apparent if you are hanging an antique rug. You also want to avoid hanging it over a heater, or furnace vent, because constant exposure to extreme heat could comprise the structural integrity of the rug fibers.

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